Camping in the Shadows of Redwoods

By calling for a reservation three days in advance, Dan scored us a fabulous Big Sur campsite in a 40-acre grove of giant redwood trees. We pulled into Ventana Campground Thursday afternoon. Couldn’t believe the magnificence of the coastal redwoods and fresh air surrounding the massive species. A stream runs through the campground, with clover growing abundantly in the lush carpet of redwood mulch at the base of trees towering overhead.

At the nearby Big Sur Taphouse on Highway 1 we had a beer before Dan cooked a camp stove dinner of sausage and eggs on tortilla wraps.

We made friends with three other campers, one of whom, Clare, traveled 3,200 miles from New England to Big Sur, California. Turns out she works in the same town as I do in Massachusetts…and, plays tennis with one of my coworkers. El mundo es muy pequeño.

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