When the Sun is Over the Yardarm

My father was fond of the expression “The sun is over the yardarm” – an old sailor’s reference to the time of day when it’s OK to have your first drink. I treasure the photos of dad smiling and pouring cocktails on a folding table next to a folding chair somewhere in the woods, circa 1962. Mom must have taken the picture. We were probably at a cabin in the Sierra Nevada. I’m the little guy watching Dad mix the drinks.

A generation later, my kids and I enjoyed the sun over the yardarm on the patio of a popular Mission Beach bar in San Diego. Cashel’s friend Lexi who moved from New England to So Cal, works there and recommended some delicious tacos and drinks. Sunset on the boardwalk was outstanding, the night before we would aim the Jucyvan north and begin our trip up the coast.

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