Stay Classy San Diego

OK, here’s the big reveal…our wheels for the California 2016 Summer of Sharks and Parks Road Trip is a Jucy Van! It’s a minivan converted for camping, by a New Zealand-based company called JucyRentals. Available for rent in only three US locations – Las Vegas, Oakland, Los Angeles. Our Jucy is a 2012 Dodge Caravan with fridge, sink, two butane stoves, pop-up roof pod with double bed sleeping area “the Penthouse” (with views!) and two bench seats that convert to a double bed “downstairs.” The van exterior color scheme is a garish green and purple, with Jucy advertising splashed all around and saucy redhead miniskirted pinup girl Lucy on the front of the chariot.
When she first spied the ride, my daughter Cashel almost fell over laughing. Dan and I collected Cashel at the airport in San Diego on Saturday. She joined us on day two of the road trip after attending the Beyoncé concert in Foxboro, MA the night before.
We’re going to have some serious road trip family fun in this rig. Stay classy, San Diego. Bring on the CA coast. Jucyworld awaits.


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