Day One: LAX to San Pedro

Friday June 3, my son Dan and I landed at LAX. We were met by Matt, my best friend from 5th grade. Second stop Lawndale, to pick up our rental vehicle. First stop In-n-Out Burger. Then to San Pedro. It was the night of the 8th grade dance for Matt’s daughter Sofia a week before she graduates from middle school, so we got to share in the fashion, fun, drama, excitement (and carpool) surrounding that grand occasion. Matt prepared a fine Mexican fiesta, cooking us tostadas puerco autentico. No one minded or commented that the pork was ever so slightly overdone and one of the guests might have added a tiny bit too much lemon juice to the guacamole. His wife Mari couldn’t join us for dinner but we had a good short visit before she left for work. We watched Colombia-USA in the Copa America from Santa Clara. No gran sorpresa – Los Cafeteros took the opening match 2-0.
IMG_0049 IMG_0039 IMG_0038IMG_0103


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