Jucyvan Numbers Crunch

Total Distance of Trip: 1,127 miles Days on the road: 9 Total fuel consumption: 70 gallons Total cost of gas: $217 Average miles per gallon: 16 MPG Highest gas price: La Jolla, $3.59/gallon Lowest gas price: Santa Barbara, San Leandro, $2.89/gallon Campsites: Camp Diegueño, San Diego (2 nights); Malibu Creek RV Park (1 night); El … More Jucyvan Numbers Crunch

Jucy-est Quotes

This is like the Hulk of vans! You guys look like the Griswolds… I can’t believe you won’t stop to let me get hair product! There’s a man walking a cat on a leash outside his RV… Are these marshmallows gluten-free? I was laughing so hard when you fell down that I couldn’t finish the … More Jucy-est Quotes